Consulting and Sales

We begin every project by looking at a customer’s exact sound isolation needs. Ideally, we like to do a site visit to evaluate the space and surrounding conditions that relate to the size and type of product installed. Measurements are taken to determine the complexity of installation, and to avoid delivery complications.

Because modular panels of enclosures are extremely heavy and cumbersome, it is important that the best pathway from the delivery site to the installation site is carefully considered. We make recommendations to the customer and draft a project proposal

Project Management

Enclosures are often installed in new construction, and we need to coordinate with general contractors, construction managers, architects, and building managers to meet logistic and installation requirements. A delay in a construction schedule can push an installation back, so we try to be flexible with our customers. We also arrange deliveries or receive shipments when necessary.

New Product Installations

At the time of installation, our team accepts the delivery, unloads the crates from the semi and places them in a secure staging location. Enclosures are assembled in the proper location and product assurance testing is conducted. After determining the product is functioning properly, a project completion form is filled out with the customer, ensuring customer expectations are met.

Existing Enclosure Moves

Because acoustic enclosures are a long-term investment, and portable compared to conventional construction, it is common to move an enclosure to a new host site. Site visits are conducted to determine the probability of this venture. If it is determined that the enclosure can be moved, the enclosures are carefully disassembled, removed, and placed in an enclosed trailer for transportation. All the floor channels, ceiling channels, corner joiners, wall joiners, and ceiling joiners are cleaned of all the old insulation and caulk. New insulation and caulk is used during the reinstallation process to ensure product quality, and product assurance testing is completed. In addition to the enclosure move, customer equipment can be removed and reinstalled. This service may be provided, but is not always within the scope of every enclosure move.

Removal and Disposal

This is a service that can be provided when an enclosure has run its course, and is obsolete. This is not one of our favorite services, but it is a necessary service none the less.

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