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Jersey Design

ASS Jersey

Jersey Design for Association of Sasquatch Seekers

Paintin’ em up, and Sandin’ em down….

Project Out of Townie is in full swing. We have pushed through the days of relentess grinding and sanding, well sanding never really ends.

Its been down to bare metal

Bare Metal!

Into etching primer

Etch Prime

Primer Surfacer

a sanding primer

Primer, the frame takes some color!

We Sand Some More…

Sanded, again!

Finally, some base color

after sanding the primer surfacer, the frame is sprayed with a thin coat of primer sealer, in black of course, and then base coated in black. I use all the black primers i can, to keep the paint uniform. While it is harder to see where paint has been applied, a rock chip would only reveal black, not a gray primer color.

Guest in shot, Pete

Grunt Work Done, On to the Creative, Fun Stuff

masks are made and applied to the black base coat to block the incoming color.

Masked up, Ready for Color

Color is Laid Down

The Plan and The Paint...

The mask is removed to reveal the design. I could stop here, but I don’t…

Copper and Gold Leaf Applied

the credits

Props are given where they are due. JMan logo displayed as well as the Rydjor Bike Shop logo, individuals to have provided great assistance in the mechanics of this project.

Hand Painted Lady Replaces the Headbadge

Last night the while project received 5 coats of matte clear. It was all gloss when I left, but come Monday a matte finish will prevail. After the fenders and bars are painted to match, it will be back to the bike shop for assembly.

Project: Out of Townie Update

down to the metal!

After a significant amount of gruntiing, gritting teeth, and sanding the Project:Townie is down to the metal, well mostly. Today, the welds received a thin coat of filler as did the seat tube gusset. I like to make sure it all flows smooooth as if formed from one piece. There is another school of thought of leaving the welds as is, but this time im smoothing them out.

Also up on the board today is the design. Still working out the details, but this is the direction its heading. Matte Black and Olive Drab Green this thing is going to look mean.

Thursday Nite


Boilin’ bagels, and sippin’ stout homebrew

Project: Out of Townie

Townie 21 in stock trim

This is a project that started years ago when my friend, Mike, wanted to purchase a comfortable bike for the week long tours we do as well as be his all around get around machine. Starting with a Electra Townie 21 Custom, he soon found the drivetrain to be inadequate, swapping it out for the Shimano Deore Group. After that and a few other mods, there was very little left of the original machine as Electra intended. Seat was swapped for a Brooks B-33, tires were pitched in favor of a set of Conti’s, and it was re dubbed Explosivo, after the hit song by Tenacious D. The namesake was hand silver leafed by myself.

Seeker and Explosivo take a rest

The new setup had a few good seasons until the rims were routinely torn down to reveal several cracks in the rim itself. A phone call to our friend and bike shop manager, Chad, at Rydjor Bike Shop. Since that rim was discontinued, he hooked up a brand new wheel set, upgraded from the previous. The rims turned out to be disc only. The bike was currently running a rim brake setup on the rear. So rather than smack a gift horse in the mouth, we rolled with the punches and are installing a rear disc brake mount. This is a perfect opportunity for a full-out JMan Kustom Paint job that has been rolling around the back of my head on every tour as well as ridding the frame of the unsightly advertising that tattooed the frame from stem to stern, boasting such improvements as “American Designed”, “Flat Foot Technology” and the no longer valid title of “Townie” This machine is more than a townie cruiser, she is an open road pounding machine, more out of townie. Which doesn’t make for a very good namesake, so i think we will stick with Explosivo!

Here she is all torn down to the essentials, ready for the operation.

She's Nekid!

Here she is post operation.

Post Op photo

Excellent welding work by Troy Warmka, looks like it was always there, well except for the paint. That is the next step in the process. Check back for more updates as the Townie… er Explosivo! receives her cosmetic overhaul.

Pie crust


Second attempt at pie crust, this one is a pot pie.

Bike Jerks!

Just created this for Bike Jerks!

Another one Bites the Rust.

the scattered mass

Here she is, awaiting her appointment with Dr. Sandblaster for a new life. Its a Late 50′s JC Higgins that was discovered in the back of a barn. She was rescued from retirement and brought to me (for some reason they thought i would be able to make use of this machine.) Plans are to assult the frame, fenders and anything that doesnt look polishable with sand. Then heavy coats of shiny paint will be laid down. It may look like a pile o’ parts now, but I see a sexy cruiser in the future.

Here is what these things are supposed to look like, new/restored and in once piece.

a shiny higgins

New Look-Updated

got some imagery added to the categories. keep an eye on it, new stuff added fresh, daily!