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Ever since my parents first bought a computer when I was in high school, I have busied myself creating identities and graphics for various projects. In the begining, I created my own companies to create logos for, working my way up to high school clubs and local bands. Now I have a repertoire of real life customers to work with. I always strive for simple, clean design while making a memorable impact on the public.

Vehicle Designs

Mobile Billboard. Its the most effective way to get your message out there. It doesn’t matter where these vehicles go, people are going to see their message, on the highway, in the parking lot, on the road, its getting seen. The broadest demographic possible. Weather a person intends to read the message or not, they are going to take notice as they follow one of these vehicles down the road, pass them in traffic, or park next to them.

The fun part of this, is making sure it gets noticed and makes a lasting impression through bold, attractive graphics and and easy to read message. These are the most fun and rewarding customer projects to work on, a three dimensional moving graphic.

Cycling Jerseys

Being able to combine my design skills and my passion for cycling is always an exciting venture. I take full advantage of the occasion to produce some wild designs for those who wish to stand out of the pack on race or ride days.


Often when working the the confines of customer specifics or while preparing customer supplied art, my own personal creativity takes a backseat and builds up. The posters are one way my own creative ideas spill out onto the digital art board. Inspiration roots in many places: from movies, the public, or just personal experience. Some of these pieces aren’t satisfied just in digital form, some go on to become individual paintings of their own.


Working in the print industry over the years, I have been providing setup files and printing for various industrial warning labels. These decals just begged the question, “What other situations can this silhouette man (the man of impending doom) get himself into? The decals that take the industrial format are often fun social experiments, to see who actually reads these labels warning the public or machine operator of the possible dangers to behold. These images take the same format that most labels to, pressure sensitive vinyl with an adhesive back, I call my versions “Stickies” as they get stuck everywhere. Others take the form of parodies, personal statements or just plain gags.

The “Stickies” find themselves passed among friends, acquaintances, and sometimes just tossed in random packages, much to the delight of the recipient. The most rewarding part of this process is to come across one o these pieces of my art displayed boldly by someone else in public, on their stuff or just somewhere I never expected to see. If interested, contact me at jamin(at)jmandesign(dot)com to make arrangements for a self addressed stamped envelope and you will receive a random sampling of decals to space as you wish.